Accompanying generations: a challenge for social security in France and in Europe

REIF Conference 2022 under the patronage of the French EU Council Presidency- Social security in France and Europe : meeting the challenge of supporting generations.

Consult the programme and the participants' booklet.

On the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Representation of French Social Security Institutions to the EU (REIF) is organizing a high-level conference on Friday, March 25, 2022, at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) in Paris, entitled "Accompanying the generations: a challenge for social security in France and in Europe".

This event will offer the occasion to discuss social security challenges in a European perspective, especially in the context of the implementation of the European pillar of social rights and to highlight the expertise of REIF French member organizations.

The day will be divided into two plenary sessions, one introductory and the other conclusive, as well as four interactive round tables on the following themes:

  • How to respond to the demographic challenges of ageing in the EU ?
  • Support for families and job seekers, two complementary levers for an effective policy against poverty.
  • Access to innovation in health and price regulation mechanisms.
  • How to reduce social dumping by ensuring fair and equitable mobility?

The conference will bring together representatives of REIF's member organizations, including national and local social security funds, REIF's European and national partners (REIF's European counterparts, members of the European Social Insurance Platform (ESIP), European and national social partners, members of the network of Member States' embassies in Paris, NGOs, etc.), French governmental authorities and public organizations, national and European journalists.

REIF President, Isabelle Sancerni, and the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social rights, Nicolas Schmit will open the conference

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