Rapport d'activité

Activity report 2023

Open our 2023 activity report


REIF is pleased to share with you its Activity report, highlighting some of its key actions in 2023.

Last year’s first highpoint was our November 29 conference on Social security vs. new risks : anticipating, protecting, adapting. It was a unique opportunity to consult with European decision-makers and counterparts about challenges posed by the demographic, green and digital transitions, to showcase actions taken by our members to maintain an adequate social protection level for citizens and to exchange on the role which the European Union could – and should – be playing on this matter. Further valuable exchanges took place in 2023, for instance in meeting with the teams of our members CCMSA, EN3S and Urssaf.

The report also gives you a snapshot of the vast variety of issues covered by REIF on behalf of its members with its positions on digitalization of social security, the pharmaceutical package, and the European labour authority. In fact, the will to better cover the first of these issues has been the driver for setting up a dedicated working group.  Finally, we also report on a new activity performed by REIF in presenting the support offered to our members for accessing European funds.